With our highly trained team who have over 12 years of experience in installations, rest assured that the installation of artificial grass in your space will be done efficiently and with the least amount of inconvenience to you. Our installation process is the key to ensuring that Tuscan Turf's artificial grass maintains its 8-year warranty and remains to look lush and beautiful for years to come.

While many believe that installing artificial grass is a quick and easy task, it is somewhat complicated. We at Tuscan Turf have a comprehensive installation process to ensure not only the aesthetics of your lawn but the functionality of the product.

Firstly, we remove all existing grass, weeds and anything that can grow under or through the artificial grass.

Next 10mm of sand is removed from the area, and the ground is levelled. If you are concerned about weeds growing thru, a layer of geotextile, Bidim, can be installed to prevent weeds from growing through the grass. This step is optional but recommended. For playgrounds where children may play, we will add a layer of cushioning shock pads to ensure safety.

Next, we will fill the area with crusher dust to improve drainage and help prevent slumping. This is then moistened and compacted. A cement border is then installed all the way around the perimeter where the artificial grass is to be placed. This will ensure that the grass doesn't slump over paving or separate over time.

Next, the grass is rolled out over the area and cut to size. In some cases the grass will need to be joined, luckily we at Tuscan Turf have expertise in the seamless joining of grass. Finally, the grass is stretched out and glued down to the cement border making sure no creases or folds are present. Your artificial lawn is now finished, and your beautiful new space can be enjoyed for years to come.